How Do I Choose A Serving Tray That Suits My Needs?

There are a few things to consider when you choose a serving tray for your needs and you can use our guide to choose from different types of serving trays.

Finding a serving tray is more than just adding items to your shopping cart, whether you're serving your family or your guests, you should choose a serving tray that fits your needs. 

With the variety of serving trays available these days, you may feel a little overwhelmed. 

But, it's not impossible to find the right trays and serving dishes for you, you can use the questions listed below to give you a hand to choose the best serving tray for you.

How do you want to use the serving tray?

How do you want to use your serving tray is the first question to ask yourself!

Do you want to use the tray every day or just for special occasions? 

Perfect for everyday use, the natural wicker bowls and serving trays are perfect for fresh fruit, rolls, or even a quick snack. 

On the other hand, if  you want to shop tableware online for a party or a special occasion, wooden serving trays are perfect for coffee, appetizers, and desserts.

Do you prefer handmade or machine-made products?

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Now you need to decide if you want a hand-made tray or a machine-made tray. 

If you're like many others, you might be attracted to handmade serving trays. 

By hand, people can perfectly craft the tray from durable and eco-friendly materials. 

Handmade trays can be more expensive and take longer to ship, but they are definitely worth the time and investment. 

You can buy serving trays online and check our Large Stainless Tray with Handles and Legs.

Are you looking for a specific material?

When looking for Shop Tableware Online, be sure to choose the material that works for you. 

For example, eco-friendly wooden or bamboo serving trays are made from sustainable natural materials and are perfect for a green lifestyle. 

In that case, a rectangular serving tray with mother-of-pearl inlay or a woven bamboo serving tray with handles might fit your needs.

What size tray are you looking for? 

The size should also be considered so that the tray is easy to carry and store. Serving tray dimensions range from 12" x 15" to 19" x 13" depending on shape, but trays come in a variety of sizes. 

Chippendale Stainless Tray is ideal for small snacks such as sweets, grapes and nuts. 

Do you need extra serving tray functionality?

As you explore different types of serving trays, you can also think about the features you can add to your trays. 

Maybe you need a serving tray with a lid for an outdoor event, or maybe you want a serving tray with handles for easy transport. 

What are the common styles of serving trays? 

Finally, think about the overall style you have in mind for your serving tray.

For example, serving trays with a tiered design, such as the round set metal tray , are suitable for multiple appetizers, condiments, and drinkware. 

Whether you're carrying large amounts of food or drink for your employees or customers, a good serving tray will definitely make your job easier.

What are serving trays advantages?

Serving trays will give you a large, stable platform for safely, quickly and conveniently transporting everything from glasses to main courses. 

The best serving trays in 2023 come with great features such as non-slip surfaces, large handles, and sturdy construction that makes transporting your dishes easy.

There are many types and materials available, so it is important to choose the best serving tray for your business and needs.  

Whether you're carrying large amounts of food or drink for your employees or customers, a good serving tray will definitely make it easier for you!

What is the best serving tray material?

The material is also an important factor when choosing a serving tray for your home or business.

The material of the trays and serving dishes has a great impact not only on functionality, but also on appearance and price. 

Ultimately, the serving tray material should fit the actual needs and décor of the facility where it will be used.

The main materials of serving trays are:

  • Plastic
  • Fiberglass
  • Wood
  • Plywood
  • Laminate
  • Metal
  • Plastic service tray

If you need to carry main courses, glasses in your home or even restaurant, a non-slip tray is the way to go!

However, tea and butler's trays are a better choice when serving hot beverages or breakfast.

And for venues where guests need to use trays, fast food, canteen and compartment meal trays are the perfect solution!

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