ENIGME NOBLE Board Game 36 cm Jupiter Ash Multicoloured

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Enigme Noble – an original way of solitary leisure and relaxation, during which logical and intellectual skills are improved, mental alertness is maintained. The roots of Enigme Noble go back to the 17th century, when it was known as Solitaire. The legend says that it was the aristocrats imprisoned in the walls of the Bastille who created the game. While in seclusion, they were looking for a way to pass the hours and at the same time improve their intellectual skills. By rearranging the pegs on an impromptu field, the nobles laid the foundation for a game with many combinations and solutions, which gained popularity throughout the world. Rules of the game: 1. Fill all the cells with balls. In the single player format of the game, the player pulls the ball from a convenient cell. 2. In one move, a player can move a ball through one or more balls to a free cell, provided that there is free space between the balls. Movement is possible vertically and horizontally, forward and backward. 3. The ball jumped over is removed from the field. 4. Each move ends in an empty cell. 5. A single game ends when one ball remains on the board or there are no more possible moves. 6. The option of playing together is possible. The player who frees the most cells wins.

Length: 36,0 cm
Width: 36,0 cm
Height: 6,0 cm

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