IMPERIAL PORCELAIN FACTORY Caviar Bowl 15,7 cm Cobalt Blue Net, Porcelain, White-Blue

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The caviar bowl is made from hard porcelain at the Imperial Porcelain Factory. The mold is cast by hand. The underglaze decal, golden painting are used for decoration. The author of the drawing is Anna Yatskevich, the author of the form is Daniil Filippenko. The production began in 2012. Volume - 65 ml, height - 12,25 cm. This product is not dishwasher safe. To keep the original look of the product, we recommend washing it by hand. About the drawing/series The drawing "Cobalt net" was created at the end of 1944 by the artist Anna Yatskevich. There is no reliable data what exactly served as the prototype for the drawing creation by the artist. Perhaps the painting of "Own set", created by D. Vinogradov in the 1750s, perhaps the motives of the set of the Vienna porcelain manufactory, stored in the funds of the factory Museum. Some sources indicate that these are associations with crisscross reglued blockade windows of Leningrad houses. Five years of work of technologists and masters of plant were required to solve and overcome all technological problems and subtleties of underglaze painting cobalt. In 1950 O.S. Dolgushina, a student of Anna Yatskevich, performed the final version of the set painting which was put into production. In 1969 the Cobalt Net set was awarded with the USSR Quality Mark. In the 1990s, the honored artist Galina Shulyak, unsurpassed master of painting cobalt, shifted the picture "Cobalt net" on dining rooms and other items. Later the drawing began to be applied to the items made of bone thin-walled china. Currently, "Cobalt Net" is produced for more than 100 items of the plant and is one of the most popular drawings of the plant and a "trademark" not only of the plant itself, but also of St. Petersburg. About form This shape of the caviar bowl allows you to use it not only for a festive table serving but also for red and black caviar storing.

Length: 15,7 cm
Width: 15,7 cm
Height: 9,2 cm

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