NARUMI Dinner Set Glowing Platinum Set of 20 items For 6 Persons, Porcelain, White

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The ritual Afternoon tea first appeared in Britain in the 19th century and is now popular around the world. Besides traditional tea, sandwiches and cakes, luxurious hotels offer a range of dishes. Beautiful and functional Narumi tableware is irreplaceable for such an event. Items from the Glowing Platinum collection are made of thin bone porcelain. The neat platinum border delicately highlights the decor of the products. You can now attend an elegant English tea party from the comfort of your home.

Complete set: Oval dish Narumi Glowing Platinum 38,0 cm, porcelain - 1 pc. Salad bowl Narumi Glowing Platinum 25,0 cm, porcelain - 1 pc. Dinner Plate Narumi Glowing Platinum 23,0 cm, porcelain - 6 pcs. Dinner plate Narumi Glowing Platinum 28,0 cm, porcelain - 6 pcs. Soup bowl Narumi Glowing Platinum 23,0 cm, porcelain - 6 pcs.

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