NARUMI Dinner Set Splendor Set of 20 items For 6 Persons, Porcelain, White

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The collection Splendor is made of bone porcelain. Products from this material are very thin, but solid. The design of the series contains a geometric pattern. Neat lines spread out around the plates and saucers and create a fascinating visual effect. The tableware looks modern and festive. The tableware items will harmoniously fit into a different serving: they can act as a style-forming element in the design of the setting or fir into other color accents.

Complete set: Oval dish Narumi Splendor 38,0 cm, porcelain - 1 item. Salad bowl Narumi Splendor 23,0 cm, porcelain - 1 item. Dinner plate Narumi Splendor 21,0 cm, porcelain - 6 pcs. Dinner plate Narumi Splendor 27,0 cm, porcelain - 6 pieces. Soup bowl Narumi Splendor 23, cm, porcelain - 6 pieces.

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