NARUMI Tea Set Aurora Champagne Gold Set of 21 items For 6 Persons, Porcelain,White

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Narumi classic collections are designed for the modern table setting. The elegant Aurora Champagne cookware series is perfect for special events. In the design of items straight lines are used that is complicated to attain with ceramics. Bone porcelain products are decorated with delicate "lace" and decorated with a golden edging. The flat, wide edge of the plates forms a "frame" that makes a dish look more appetizing and luxurious.

Complete set:
Teapot Narumi Aurora Champagne 950 ml, porcelain - 1 pc.
Sugar bowl Narumi Aurora Champagne 250 ml, porcelain - 1 pc.
Milk Narumi Aurora Champagne 170 ml, porcelain - 1 pc.
Narumi Aurora Champagne 16,0 cm pastry plate, porcelain - 6 pcs.
Tea cup Narumi Aurora Champagne 270 ml, porcelain - 6 pcs.
Cup saucer Narumi Aurora Champagne 16,0 cm, porcelain - 6 pcs.

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