NARUMI Tea Set Labyrinth Set of 21 items For 6 Persons, Porcelain, White

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The Items from the Labyrinth collection have smooth shapes and smooth curves. The textured decor on the surface of the items resembles a gray-beige haze. Thanks to the delicate golden border, the tableware can be used daily. A subtle color scheme will enhance the visual effect of serving food and highlight the bright colors of a dish.

Complete set: Teapot Narumi Labyrinth 1,18 l, porcelain - 1 pc. Sugar bowl Narumi Labyrinth 430 ml, porcelain - 1 pc. Creamer Narumi Labyrinth 310 ml, porcelain - 1 pc. Tea cup Narumi Labyrinth 280 ml, porcelain - 6 pcs. Saucer Narumi Labyrinth 16,0 cm, porcelain - 6 pcs.

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