NARUMI Tea Set Pembroke of 21 items For 6 Persons, Porcelain,White

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The Pembroke collection tea set by the Japanese brand Narumi is a combination of traditional British decoration and oriental perfectionism, which is expressed in high-quality materials and impeccable performance technique. Snow-white bone porcelain highlights the luxury of the golden edging supplemented by the almost invisible embossed ornament. Smooth lines highlight the delicate shape of the tableware and the classic tea set design. It is recommended to wash the items in a dishwasher at a temperature below 60 °C. Cannot be used in a microwave oven.

Complete set: Teapot Narumi Pembroke 940 ml, porcelain - 1 pc. Sugar bowl Narumi Pembroke 300 ml, porcelain - 1 pc Creamer Narumi Pembroke 200 ml, porcelain - 1 pc. Plate Narumi Pembroke 16,0 cm, porcelain - 6 pcs. Tea cup Narumi Pembroke 240 ml, porcelain - 6 pcs. Saucer Narumi Pembroke 16,0 cm, porcelain - 6 pcs.

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