The Imperial Porcelain Factory, Flat Plate Scarlet 1, 27 cm

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This stunning Flat Plate Scarlet is made of bone china porcelain and boasts a brilliant red color with luxurious gold rim. It's a true work of art, handmade with a gorgeous hand-painted design. Whether you use it as decoration or a serving dish, this plate is sure to impress.

The Imperial Porcelain Factory is a producer of hand-painted ceramics in Saint Petersburg, Russia. It was established by Dmitry Ivanovich Vinogradov in 1744 and was supported by the Russian tsars since Empress Elizabeth. Many still refer to the company by its abbreviated name, IPM. The factory produced a wide variety of luxury home accessories, from vases and dishes to clocks and lamps. But it was perhaps best known for its unique figurines, which were often inspired by Russian folktales or imperial history. Today, the Imperial Porcelain Factory is once again a thriving business, and its products are prized as cultural treasures.

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Length: 27,0 cm
Width: 27,0 cm
Height: 2,0 cm

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