VISTA ALEGRE Water Glass 270 ml Fantasy Set of 2 Crystal Clear

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Fantasia's collection includes exquisite perfectly transparent handmade bar ware, made of durable and wear-resistant. The series is represented by glasses for whiskey, glasses for red wine and champagne, stockings and other containers for serving and serving alcoholic beverages. Fantasia's tableware has an elegant design with soft lines and original cut, which delightfully "plays" in the rays of light and brings bright notes to the interior. The products are made from the unique Atlantis crystal, rightfully considered the best of its kind. Thanks to its special composition, it acquires incredible characteristics of purity and transparency, as well as indicators of durability and wear resistance unusual for such an exquisite material. Each item included in the collection is blown out manually by experienced Vista Alegre craftsmen, after which it is subjected to a soft grinding procedure, which provides the surfaces with a luxurious glossy shine and a perfectly even texture.

Volume: 270 ml
Length: 7,0 cm
Width: 7,0 cm
Height: 13,0 cm

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