VISTA ALEGRE Water Glass 410 ml Biarritz Set of 2 Crystal Clear

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The main motive of the Biarritz collection is luxury, embodied in simple modern forms and reflecting the spirit and charm of European noble society. The inspiration for the series was the spacious sandy beaches and premium hotels of the azure coast of the Bay of Biscay. The products are made from the unique Atlantis crystal, rightfully considered the best of its kind. Thanks to its special composition, it acquires incredible characteristics of purity and transparency, as well as indicators of durability and wear resistance unusual for such an exquisite material. Each item included in the collection is blown out manually by experienced Vista Alegre craftsmen, after which it is subjected to a soft grinding procedure, which provides the surfaces with a luxurious glossy shine and a perfectly even texture. On the surface of each item is a mesh of the thinnest lines of exquisite handmade granite. A similar finish gives them a special charm and fills the contents with a magical game of light highlights. The look of luxury and splendor is completed by a platinum finish along the rim, which becomes the final touch in the overall decoration picture. Products from the Biarritz series are designed to serve the rarest and most expensive drinks. They will be the perfect solution for serving mature wine, amber whiskey or premium cognac for tasting.

Volume: 410 ml
Length: 8,5 cm
Width: 8,5 cm
Height: 9,0 cm

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